Our Services

Our services purely dedicated to Intellectual Property Docketing Systems will definitely put you at ease. Contact us today.

  • IP Docketing
    IP Docketers are experienced in various IP docketing and management systems. We will perform the following tasks on your behalf: We keep track of all…
  • Docket Consulting
    IP Docketers understand the workflow by identifying your current processes, team structure and responsibilities. Once, the IP Docketers are through with your current system then…
  • Data Audit & Cleansing
    When clients setup their Docketing System, it is observed that the data is left unattended considering the focus on business. Such kind of data needs…
  • Invoicing Management
    Invoice processing plays a highly critical role in your oragnization's future, as incorrect invoices can have great impact on your customer satisfaction metrics. We understand this…

Docketing System Capabilities

Our Docketers are capable of managing highly complex docketing systems. Our team has experience of working on all major and/or prevalent docketing systems of the market. Know more about our capabilities in various docketing systems.

Engagement Models

We offer a committed engagement model to our clients. Our Docketers are hired as Full Time Equivalents (FTEs) under the service level agreements. Further, we provide support to our clients in their on demand projects including Docket Consultancy, Audit and Data Cleansing work.

  • Full Time Equivalent (FTE)

    We work in a committed environment as we work only on Full Time Equivalent (FTE) solution model. Our clients (if they have small portfolio)…

  • On Demand

      On Demand engagement model is available for Docket Consultancy, Audit and Cleansing projects. Clients requests for specific projects to be completed within…

Customer Services

We guarantee a response of your requests within 24 hours and a turn around time of processing docketing of correspondences as 48 hours. You will be notified of all the deadlines in a timely manner so that you will never miss a deadline. You can trust IP Docketers for managing your docketing system and enjoy the peace of mind.

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