About IP Docketers

Assets Managed

Trade Secrets
Domain Names
Invention Disclosures


Expert IP Docketers
Dedicated IP Docketers
Responsive and accountable IP Docketers


Remote Access of Docketing system
Cloud-based software
VPN based access, if required
Robust data security and backup
Fast and accurate onboarding
No onboarding disruptions

Best Practices

No deadlines missed
Daily & Weekly Docket Reporting
Urgent Deadlines reported instantaneously
Client Specific Docket Manual is Created
Client Instructed Standard File names and comments are generated

IP docketers are Here to Help You Improve Your Business

Law Firms and companies reduced their expenses by as much as 50% when they chose IP Docketers to improve their docket management system. IP Docketers are able to mange system of any complexity and thus able to unburden you from hiring and training docketing staff. IP Docketers help you focus on your business instead of working on unproductive tasks.

Engagement Models

We offer a committed engagement model to our clients. Our Docketers are hired as Full Time Equivalents (FTEs) under the service level agreements. Further, we provide support to our clients in their on demand projects including Docket Consultancy, Audit and Data Cleansing work.

  • Full Time Equivalent (FTE)

    We work in a committed environment as we work only onĀ Full Time Equivalent (FTE) solution model. Our clients (if they have small portfolio)…

  • On Demand

      On Demand engagement model is available for Docket Consultancy, Audit and Cleansing projects. Clients requests for specific projects to be completed within…