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The Top Rules of Intellectual Property Docketing

For those who aren’t aware of the term “Intellectual Property Docketing”-it’s a management of crucial data, dates, and documentation from the IP offices along with the right tracking of crucial deadlines that should be taken care of while the application is in progress.  A docketing specialist could be hired to ensure everything is up to…
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Patent Docketing System: An integral part of the IP Docketing

Patent Docketing System in easy terms is defined to mean a process that effectively and efficiently supervises the patent application procedure. It is believed to be a trustworthy process on which several law firms depend upon. There are various kinds of complexities involved in filing an application for the grant of Patent. Hence, the applicants…
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IP Docketing Software: An Essential Part of the IP Management System

IP Docketing Software may sound like an expensive or out of the budget sort of a product for most of the companies which are involved in the IP Management System. The organization may feel that IP Docketing Software could be a good idea; however, excel or spreadsheets work usually fine, so why is there a…
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How and Why to choose a Patent Docketing Software?

How and Why to choose a Patent Docketing Software? Please raise your hand if you’ve ever felt victimized by Excel for managing Patent Docketing. When you track your docketing with Excel, you get loaded with lots of information on the excel window. It kills your enthusiasm to control your docketing. It is daunting enough to create…
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