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How and Why to choose a Patent Docketing Software?

How and Why to choose a Patent Docketing Software? Please raise your hand if you’ve ever felt victimized by Excel for managing Patent Docketing. When you track your docketing with Excel, you get loaded with lots of information on the excel window. It kills your enthusiasm to control your docketing. It is daunting enough to create…
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How to use AppColl Prosecution Manager?

How to use AppColl Prosecution Manager? AppColl Prosecution Manager has been designed specifically for the law firms dealing majorly in Patent Prosecution. Though, corporate IP groups can also use the Prosecution Manager, however, there is a special software designed for corporates viz. AppColl Invention Manager. AppColl Prosecution Manager is a cloud based prosecution management software…
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How to choose right third party IP docketing service provider?

How to choose the right third-party IP docketing service provider? Having third party docketing services enables law firms and corporations to improve efficiency, productivity in a cost-effective manner. Nevertheless, certain things need to be taken care of while selecting a third party docketing service provider. There are the following two types of docketing service providers:…
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What is Patent Docketing?

What is Patent Docketing? Patent docketing is a method or system for managing the patent application process. Docketing is a particularly crucial tool for patent law firms, as it can be difficult to organize the patent application process for hundreds of patents without some type of system or software package to keep track of the…
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