Virtual IP Docketing

The process for seeking the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) consists of various documents that need to be submitted at the time of filing of an application and after that. Once the application is filed, it enters into the phase of prosecution. Our IP Docketing services help the IP filing firms across the globe to ensure a seamless experience during the process of prosecution. We have experience of multiple docketing softwares that assist our clients in keeping track of their deadlines. We generate customized reports and inform the client accordingly for a hassle-free experience. Our docketing softwares are updated with the data of each application, on time. We don’t only rely on the softwares but also have a team of experienced professionals who consistently monitor the deadlines and verify the same to avoid any chance of errors. We also send highly informative reports which help our clients to formulate their strategies as per the analytical data.

Our exemplary IP docketing services include:

  • Keeping track of important dates like pre-filing, post-filing, and post-grant dates as well as other pressing deadlines. We notify our clients from time to time and send them progress reports.
  • We process as well as docket all incoming and outgoing actions for both national and international applications.
  • We upload all documents related to the Actions.
  • We send daily, or weekly docket reports as per the client’s request.
  • We provide reminder service to our clients by phone calls/emails required in case of short deadlines.
  • We perform the audit of the pre-existing tasks as when requested to maintain the complete docketing system.

We have a cutting edge technology to deliver class apart services to our clients. We continuously pay attention to each of our client’s requirements and suggest to them the upgradations as and when required. We always look for building a long-term relationship with our clients and gives the utmost priority to their satisfaction.


We at IP Docketers has been helping our clients in establishing the In-house Docketing processes by providing our Docket Consulting services. IP Docketing is an essential part that helps in keeping track of the deadlines throughout the filing and prosecution of the IP applications. We have a diversified portfolio of clients within and outside the country. Therefore, the team of IP Docketers is well versed in the IP processes of the Patent and Trademark offices of each country across the globe.  Every client has a different organizational structure. Therefore, they need an IP docketing solution specifically as per their requirements. A combination of manual and automated portfolio management systems help to operate in a cost-efficient manner.


We at IP Docketers provide Docket Consulting service to streamline the client’s docketing process to bring optimum results. We carry out an analysis of the workflow by identifying the existing processes, team structure, and responsibilities of our clients. Our team is equally experienced in both patent docketing and trademark docketing. Once we are through with the client’s docketing working model, then we suggest the changes to streamline the processes. We also provide the necessary recommendations and training to carry out this transition. Based on the experience of our extremely seasoned IP professionals, we prepare the training modules tailored as per each of our clients. Get a customized free quote for your docketing needs.


IP Docketers also carry out regular audits during the tenure of its service regularly to evaluate the necessity of restructuring. Along with the growth of our client’s organization, we consistently update the best-suited processes for them. With the help of our Docket Consulting service, our clients are able to manage the diverse Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio robustly. We understand the importance of the deadlines, missing even one of them can abandon the application. Therefore, we deploy the processes having a backup at each step that ensure zero failure rate.


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