Virtual IP Litigation Paralegal

About our Virtual IP Litigation Paralegal

Our Virtual IP Litigation Paralegals  (IP Paralegal Services)provide support to attorneys during the entire litigation process from the initial information-gathering stage through discovery, trial, and ending with careful archival of case material. As per the requirement, our Virtual IP Litigation Paralegals may assist in tasks such as correspondence and discovery, hearings and trials, administrative proceedings, briefs, and settlements. Our Paralegals play a significant role in the retrieval, review, and production of documents pursuant to government agency investigations.


Key Features of our Virtual IP Litigation Paralegal Team

  • Our team has familiarity in working with United States Federal Courts, the International Trade Commission (ITC), and the Patent and Trial Board (PTAB);
  • Capable of managing multiple active United States Federal court, PTAB, and ITC matters; 
  • Deep knowledge of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the rules governing practice before the ITC, particularly 19 CFR, and PTAB; 
  • Great Familiarity with litigation and hearings at federal courts, ITC, and PTAB; 
  • Our team coordinates document retrieval, review, organization, and electronic and/or hard copy production
  • Our team excellently maintain case pleadings, correspondence, discovery, and research related to Federal, PTAB, and ITC matters; 
  • We maintain document, transcript, and work product databases; 
  • Our team assists with finalizing and appropriate service of briefs, motions, exhibits, subpoenas, discovery requests, and responses
  • Our team organizes and prepares exhibit lists, witness binders, demonstrative exhibits, and/or privilege logs; 
  • Our team manages accurately manages case calendar; 
  • If requested, our team correspond with clients, counsel, court clerks, expert witnesses, and/or vendors; 
  • Perform Lexis and Westlaw legal research; 
  • Perform PACER, Courtlink, and ECF docket management tasks.


What skills our Virtual IP Litigation Paralegal have?

  • Strong knowledge of litigation support softwares, i.e., Concordance, Relativity, and LiveNote, TextMap, Best Authority, LexisNexis, Westlaw, CompuLaw, CaseNotebook, Relativity, erooms, CaseMap, Sharepoint, Westlaw, BriefCheck/ WestCheck, and other similar softwares
  • Experience in working on various Document Management Systems;
  • Expertise in Microsoft software products.


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