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Assets Managed

Trade Secrets
Domain Names
Invention Disclosures


Expert IP Docketers
Dedicated IP Docketers
Responsive and accountable IP Docketers


Remote Access of Docketing system
Cloud-based software
VPN based access, if required
Robust data security and backup
Fast and accurate onboarding
No onboarding disruptions

Best Practices

No deadlines missed
Daily & Weekly Docket Reporting
Urgent Deadlines reported instantaneously
Client Specific Docket Manual is Created
Client Instructed Standard File names and comments are generated


Our Services

  • Virtual IP Docketing
    The process for seeking the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) consists of various documents that need to be submitted at the time of filing…
  • Virtual IP Prosecution Paralegal
    We the IP Docketers support our clients with the best-personalized IP paralegal solutions by combining extensive research, technology, and experience to improve the…
  • Virtual IP Litigation Paralegal
    About our Virtual IP Litigation Paralegal Our Virtual IP Litigation Paralegals  (IP Paralegal Services)provide support to attorneys during the entire litigation process from…
  • Virtual Admin Team
    Invoice processing plays a highly critical role in your organization's future, as incorrect invoices can have great impact on your customer satisfaction metrics.…

Docketing Systems Expertise

Our team is expert in multiple intellectual property docketing platforms. We boast that our team is capable of managing any docketing system with any complexity. Get in touch with us to know more about our expertise.

  • DocketTrak

    DocketTrak® is a professional docketing system. It is powerful, intuitive, and much easier to use…

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    PATTSY WAVE is the web based version of our long standing Patent and Trademark Tracking…

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  • FlexTrac

    FlexTrac, the largest provider of tailored Intellectual Property management software technology solutions in North America.…

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  • CPi

    Computer Packages Patent and Trademark Management Systems keep track of your invention disclosures, patent and…

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  • Anaqua

    ANAQUA's unique One-Page Docketing™ brings all the information docketers need into a single screen with…

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